Army&You's diverse readership makes it the perfect publication for advertisers from a wide range of sectors...



Because of their nomadic lifestyle, Service families rely heavily on independent schools to ensure their children receive the best education wherever they may be.
The availability of a Continuity of Education Allowance highlights the importance in which schooling is held within the military community and Army&You is a principal marketing tool for many schools.


Whether they’re living in Service quarters or their own home, our readers are a house-proud group who are actively interested in everything from furniture to home improvements such as conservatories or double glazing.
The current rebasing of thousands of troops from Germany back to the UK has also created a booming market for first-time home buyers in an around “super garrisons”. Advertising in Army&You is a great way to let this group know of the latest housing developments and schemes.


Recent conflicts have reminded Great Britain about the debt we owe to our Servicemen and women and the resultant support has helped charitable organisations up and down the country carry out some inspirational work.
We offer discounted advertising space to charities of all sizes who want to attract new donors, publicise their services and keep the military in the forefront of the nation’s minds.


We publish a quarterly advertorial championing the world-class legal services on offer from law firms across Great Britain.
Featuring advice on divorce and separation, wills, fostering and much more, our legal section has become a valued source of information for Army families everywhere.