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Army&You publishes a quarterly advertorial championing the world-class legal services on offer from law firms across Great Britain.

We will be featuring advice for families going through separation, publishing essential information for anyone considering writing a will and providing a guide for families thinking of adoption or fostering.

As well as receiving the usual high-quality print and digital advertising spaces, every participating law firm will get to input into each professionally-produced feature, adding immense value to their marketing investment.

Please scroll down this page to view upcoming advertorial themes. If you have any questions, please contact Steve or Andy on 01252 714870 or email

Advertorial themes

Summer 2019:
The whos, whys and whens of wills

While most people hope their wishes don’t have to be acted upon for many years to come, putting a will in place at an early stage is the best way to manage your estate and look after your loved ones after you’ve gone.

Our experts talk us through why you should make a will, when you should act and what help lawyers can provide in the process.

Autumn 2019:
Home front

With the Army’s Future Accommodation Model likely to result in more families living in private properties, home ownership has never been a hotter topic for the military community.

We explore the ins and outs of homebuying, from deciding who is on the deeds and how the house is held to the actual process of purchasing.

Winter 2019:
Family first

It’s a sad fact that not every relationship stands the test of time – and when one breaks down it is not always just the couple affected.

Our winter 2019 advertorial invites our panel to highlight the legal issues that arise when children or extended family members are involved and explore how the law protects vulnerable parties.

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