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Starting in autumn 2016, Army&You has been publishing a quarterly advertorial championing the excellent education on offer at schools across Great Britain.

We have been featuring teachers' tips on starting at a new school, going behind-the-scenes to explore the first-class facilities available and speaking to the youngsters themselves to find out what life is like as a pupil in the modern age.

As well as receiving the usual high-quality print and digital advertising spaces, every participating school gets to input into each professionally-produced feature, adding immense value to their marketing investment.

Please scroll down this page to view upcoming themes and to view previous advertorials. If you have any questions, please contact Steve or Andy on 01252 714870 or email

Advertorial themes

Summer 2019:
Community spirit

Often occupying prime physical positions, schools up and down the country sit at the very heart of their wider communities. And while they look inward for the business of learning, they are well aware of the need to foster good relations with the people living and working nearby.

We ask our educational experts about the lengths schools go to in order to act as good neighbours to the communities around them.

Autumn 2019:
Mental health

The importance of positive mental health cannot be understated – and with the coping skills learned at a young age setting the tone for adult life, schools play a crucial role in helping young people to develop all-important abilities.

Our autumn 2019 education advertorial explores the value of good mental health and discovers what steps schools take to promote it amongst their pupils.

Winter 2019:
Appetising additions

Once considered more bleurgh than cordon bleu, school dinners have enjoyed something of a transformation thanks to celebrity intervention from the likes of Jamie Oliver and a greater general awareness of good nutrition.

But what are the staples of modern menus and do they please pupils’ palates? Our panel serves up some answers.

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