Do you want your brand to be seen in more than 50,000 Army homes each and every quarter?

A family affair

Army&You magazine is the commercial-quality quarterly title of the Army Families Federation.

Containing news, features, celebrity interviews, reviews and much more, each issue of the title is delivered to more than 50,000 readers – many of them living in hard-to-reach locations such as on patches and within garrisons.

Unlike other military titles, Army&You caters for everyone from the soldiers to their partners, children, parents and friends. Advertising your product or service within the magazine is a perfect way to reach an in-demand demographic.

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Engaged audience

Delivered direct to the doors of your target audience, Army&You provides an ideal opportunity to position your products and services alongside a true market leader – the British Army – and reach a sought-after demographic:

  • 92% of readers are in the age range 18-40 years
  • 100% are social economic group ABC1 C2
  • 56% enjoy two earned incomes
  • 25% are homeowners

Always in full-time employment, Army families commonly have a high disposable income and more than the average number of children, take at least six weeks holiday a year and actively seek out travel, sports and leisure activities.

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Colourful content

Since being relaunched in its current guise, Army&You has provided readers with a magazine that begs to be read.

For Army families looking for help with everything from housing and employment to education and training, there is simply no better source of relevant information.

Each issue also includes an array of more light-hearted articles ranging from lifestyle features to motoring and book reviews and our popular recipes page. We have also attracted a number of big-name celebrity interviews with the likes of Bear Grylls, Russell Watson and Oz Clarke.

We work hard to publish a magazine that readers genuinely engage with so that our advertisers’ messages hit home as effectively as possible.